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Don’t let our picture fool you!

Hey there!  I’m Ashley and with my husband Matt, we created FIT360 Lifestyle. You might not guess by our photo, but we’ve come a loooong way. Before we get to that, consider this…

If you ask people what their biggest personal challenge is, most will tell you that it’s related to their health.


“I’m too busy being a mom to find time to take care of myself.”

“My focus is on my career. Squeezing in a workout is too tough right now.”

“I’ve given up on losing the weight I put on with my pregnancy. I guess it’s just what happens.”

“There’s so much info out there about how to eat right. It’s too confusing to figure it all out.”


The truth is, when we don’t feel right about the way we’re taking care of our bodies, it’s hard for anything else in our life to be right either.

We get it. We had three big excuses of our own…who arrived at the same time. That’s right.


We were thrilled of course, but there’s nothing like triplets to pull you away from focusing on yourself.

And then Baby #4 followed soon after!

Even though we had both been college athletes, we found ourselves stressed out, exhausted, and out of shape.  In the past we had always been enthusiastic about fitness and health, but we were slowing letting everything slip through our fingers.

We weren’t exercising. We were craving the wrong things to eat and we didn’t have any energy left over at the end of our day for ourselves (or each other.)


I was used to hectic days. I was an ER nurse for 5 years before the triplets arrived. But not even that could have prepared me for the craziness that comes when you have 4 little kids running around the house! And to top it off, Matt travels for his job and is sometimes away for more than 60 hours a week.

We knew we had to make a change before our health slipped away completely.

So we did something that we’re asking you to do today.

We made a decision.

We simply decided that we were going to change what we were doing. That turned out to be the biggest, most important step of our journey.

It gave us the hope we needed to turn things around.

Without a doubt, we couldn’t look the way we do now without making that first decision.

More importantly, we couldn’t feel the way we feel today without making that first decision.

Our lives have been transformed. Sure, life is still hectic. But we have more than enough energy to get through the day.  We’re sleeping better. Our clothes fit better. We feel empowered. And most importantly, we’re confident that we’re doing as much as we can to make sure we’re around for our kids for a long time to come.

Now I want to lead you through the challenges you’re facing towards a success story of your own.

I’m a mom of 4 who struggled to find the time to eat right and exercise.

But I’m also…

  • a registered nurse
  • ACE certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist
  • CF Level-1 fitness trainer

And I knew I could combine that experience and put together a program that would work.

I was so successful that people around me started to ask what I was doing.  As I began to help them, I realized I had created a system that not only eliminated the stumbling blocks for me, but also for everyone else I was helping. It’s a program that’s…

✅  simple to follow

✅  doesn’t take a ton of time (that I know you don’t have)

✅  is customizable so you don’t have to eat or do things you don’t like

✅  restores my clients’ confidence and gets them to their goals quickly


Today you have the chance to make the same exact decision that I made a few years ago.  You can keep ignoring that voice inside of you that says you need to take care of yourself or you can decide to finally take charge of your health and fitness.

The first 21 people who act will be able to get in. After that the doors close.

For less than $3/day, you’ll get…

✅  21 Days of FIT360 Lifestyle Coaching and Guidance (Start Date: Monday, April 30th )

✅  LIVE Kick-Off Video Conference with me, your FIT360 Lifestyle Coach on Saturday, April 28th, 8pm CST, with access to a replay

✅  Weekly Group Coaching Calls to keep you accountable and motivated. I’ll answer your questions, share tips, and make sure that you never feel like you’re going it on your own.

✅  Health Assessment worksheet to use as a guide during the coaching calls

✅  Weekly Meal Nutrition Plans so you’re never confused about what to eat

✅  Invitation to the private 21-Day Kickstart Challenge Facebook Group where you’ll meet people like you who are on the same journey

When you follow the blueprint that I’ll lay out for you, we’ll eliminate the guesswork and set you on a sure path to success.

Join the program today. There are just 21 spots available. At $49 for the entire program, they may be gone quicker than you can run through the grocery store!

You have only one body. Take the time for yourself right now.

Remember, this program is just $49.

All my best!

Ashley Robinson

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